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Building workbench (EA1000)


I recently moved to a place where I have a garage which allowed me to pursue starting woodworking. I wanted to start with a project that is beginner friendly and also useful. Workbench is the first thing you generally need as that allows you to work on projects but instead of buying one I decided to build one. Looking around I found the specification and build details for EAA 1000 Workbench. EAA is experimental aircraft association but workbench at the end is just a workbench so you can use it for whatever. The good thing about the bench is that you can also build multiple and then combine them to build a bigger workbench for a larger project.

Before building the workbench the only power tool experience I had was with a drill using it around the house to install few things. For this project you would need to but wood. I got the circular saw with few other things that helped cutting wood easier. Make sure you read the manual, especially safety related content and also watch some YouTube videos on using circular saw and safety. It can be a dangerous tool if you don't know what you are doing, so please educate yourself to save your self from pain later (literally).

You would need 2×4×962\times4\times96 studs, 34\frac{3}{4} and 12\frac{1}{2} thick plywood for the top and bottom part of table and finally some screws and glue to attach everything together. I used the Spax screws #8 112"\#8\ 1\frac{1}{2}" for attaching plywood to table and #10 3"\#10\ 3" for everything else. Following is the cutlist.

You need to start the build from top to bottom and then at the end attach the plywood.